Inventory has a new sleek look!

If you are our existing customer, you would probably notice that our inventory drug list page looks different now. Yes! We have given our inventory drug listing a new sleek look. But that’s not all!


Auto suggest from MIMS drugs naming in the drug name field

Enable suggestion from MIMS drug config allows user to map the new drug to the MIMS drug automatically once user select the suggestion. User can insert drug name and map to the MIMS drug in 1 step!


Add new drugs and stock in bulk!

Now you can add new drugs in bulk. You can also insert stock together with the new drug. All of this can be done in a bulk! That saves a lot of time on stock entries.


Lot number is not mandatory anymore!

Not using lot number in your stock management? We have made that field non-mandatory. Now you can add stock without the lot number.


Search for expired drug

Hassle to find the expired drugs from the long list of drugs that you have? We have added a new filter in the drug listing page to help you to filter out those drugs which are expired. Those expired drugs will also be listed in the notification module.


Oh Wait! There’s more!

Diagnosis in encounters, invoicing and reporting

We have introduced a new text area for doctors to enter diagnosis in the encounter. This is a free text which saves your every input and auto suggests the next time you enter the same text. These diagnoses will be reflected in invoices and encounter reports for references.



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