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Clinic Information System or CIS helps you manage your clinics more effectively

Clinic Information System

We specialize in designing solutions to help the Asian healthcare industry shift its focus back to providing quality care and treatment to patients. We aim not only to make clinic and records management easier, but to also equip healthcare professionals with all the necessary tools to grow their business through managing larger number of patients, the reduction of medicine costs and even financing.

Clinic Information System or CIS helps you manage your clinics more effectively using six core modules:

Patient Management

Appointment scheduling
Quick registration
Patient list
Detailed patient information
Information handling for Patient Demographics
Allergies and Medical Issues
Trend of Patient’s Vitals

Electronic Medical Records

Patient history
Doctor’s orders and recommendations
Patient visit history (includes prescriptions and referrals)

Decision Support Modules

Checking for drug Interactions in prescription
Ability to see the interaction detail for each pair of drugs that are having interaction
Settings to suppress / un-suppress interaction

Cashier and Billing

Add a plethora of charges saved in the system
Printing of bills and payment receipts
Payment confirmation

Drug Stock Management

Drug inventory
Drug quantity (by dosage, frequency, duration and other relevant filters)
Purchasing, Transfers, Adjustments, Returns and Distribution


Financial Reports
DDA Reports
Panel Corporation / Insurance Reports
Expiring drug inventory report
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