Clinic Information System or CIS helps you manage your clinics more effectively

What is MIMS CIS

MIMS CIS is a cloud based Clinic Information System, consisting of 6 core modules; Patient Management, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Decision Support Modules (DSM), Pharmacy, Cashier and Billing as well as Drug stock management. These allow the user, as an authorized healthcare professional, to review, plan and document the patients care throughout the entire visit process online and in real time.

What is a cloud based Clinic Information System?

Cloud based software implies that the user does not need to install and manually update the software on multiple hard drives to access the Clinic Information System. All that is needed is an internet connection and a web browser. Using a cloud based software, users can eliminate concerns regarding issues such as network maintenance, data backup, and security.

Why is MIMS CIS a cloud based system?

Many businesses today are migrating from using a client server to the cloud since it is believed that the cloud offers better technology, development, effectiveness and efficiency. Having the system in the cloud allows users to gain benefits such as simple and easy connectivity between branches of the clinic, having updated versions of the system instantly, and most importantly the cost of investment is drastically reduced.

How can I access MIMS CIS?

All that is needed is an internet connection and a web browser. Since the clinic’s data is stored in a centralized database in the cloud, users can easily access the data regardless of the location, for example in the office, an exam room or at home. Use any laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets to access the system.

What if the internet connection drops?

As the internet becomes more prevalent in today’s world, we believe the stability of the internet connection will improve as time passes. However, to mitigate the issue of the loss in internet connection, we suggest that clinics have a backup internet connection such as a mobile internet connection or tether from a 3G enabled tablet or smartphone.

Is MIMS CIS secured?

Patient Medical Records are stored in a secure cloud and can only be accessed by the clinic who owns the data. The cloud has multi-location back up, with the best disaster recovery center in the region. There is also the usage of Secure Socket Layer with encryption for high security.

Will any assistance be available if any issues are faced when first using the system?

Our call center personnel will can help with the initial set up and answer questions when using the system.
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