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Release Note V1.8.16

‘Select/Unselect All’ function for Batch Payment Selecting bills in batch payment will be easier from now on with new function to select/unselect

Release Note V1.8.15

We have added new functionalities in the encounter report feature! Save reports as templates User can customize their own report using our newly

Release Note V1.8.14

Increased Patient Listing Page search performance. Patient searching have never been faster! Along with the enhancement on the search performance, we

Release Note V1.8.11

Enhanced Encounter Report Generation New enhanced encounter reports have the ability to generate any report related to the encounters, not only the

Release Note V1.8.10

Enhancement on the Encounter Printout to include clinic name and contact information. Now it looks like a proper document printed out from your

Release Note V1.8.9

Inventory has a new sleek look! If you are our existing customer, you would probably notice that our inventory drug list page looks different now.

Release Note V1.8.8

Flexibility to select invoice date Rushing to generate all the invoices on the last day of the month? You don’t need to anymore. Generate the

Release Note V1.8.7

Systematic application of charges to Encounter Auto apply of Charges to Encounters Users can now configure to default charges that are commonly used

Release Notes V1.8.6 February Release

MIMS CIS now have a Family Card Function Our family card feature comes with a family members’ past encounter details in the each of the family

Release Note V1.8.4 & V1.8.5

We are proud to announce the release of Queue TV – one of the long awaited new features! Queue TV – systematic call of patients Ease the pain of

Release Note V1.8.3

What new features are you expecting in this new month? Prescription Register – compliance report for psychotropic drugs. Paperless recording of

Release Notes V1.8.2 December Release

It’s time for another update in December with exciting features Policy Holder details printed on Patient Bill and Receipt For patients who

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