Product Advantages

Clinic Information System or CIS helps you manage your clinics more effectively

Cost Friendly Solution

Our monthly and annual charges are for unlimited users per clinic!

End-to-end Clinic Workflow Management System

We specialize in producing comprehensive solutions that is designed to assist clinics in its managements as it goes paperless while maintaining the quality of its healthcare practices.

Online database

Our cloud based services are accessible anytime and anywhere while using any device, eliminating the hassle of worrying about these aspects when using the system.

Free Updates & New Features

You won’t have to pay for any additional new features released in the future. You will have access to the newest version every time you login, without the hassle of installing any software.

Easy, affordable set up

You can start using the service for as little as $10 USD a month per clinic—with no limit on the number of doctor accounts you can create. Our team of expert client support representatives will guide you through the entire set up process to ensure that everything works smoothly.

Top-notch security

Your records are safe with us. We store everything in highly secure cloud-based servers.
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